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Director’s Message

There has been a sea change in the economic and industrial scenario of India over the past few years. The Government policy of liberalization has unshackled restrictions and controls on business with the result that there has been a spurt of entrepreneurial activity and a spawning of mega-conglomerates. Due to this and such changes in the business world,the post graduate course of Management in Business Administration has gained fancy amongst the graduates of almost all major streams.

A study of MBA program here at SRLIM  is extremely demanding and rigorous and it is this tempering that creates a nuance in favour of our  students. It instills in them strong knowledge, unwavering determination, an aptitude to innovate and leadership traits which gives them a winning edge. It sharpens their vision, increases their business acumen, enhances their skill set and as such goes a long way in giving a better perspective and understanding of the principles and methods of successful business tactics and strategies. A degree in Master in Business Administration here increases their chances for gainful employment in a more lucrative company position and helps them excel in any career path they choose to stride. We at SRLIM not only strive to train the students to become excellent managers, thinkers and leaders of the society, but also help them mould themselves into better human beings.

Dr. J. M. Kapadia,